Why am I writing a blog?

“One of the main things I wanted to get out of the swim was inspiring others, no matter how big or small that bit of inspiration was.
It could have been someone’s first 10k or an ironman – it didn’t really matter.
So to see how the swim inspired so many was fantastic.”

Ross Edgley

This quote from the man himself, Ross Edgley, who’s the first person to complete a swim around Great Britain, simply stuck with me. This is one of the reasons why I decided to start writing a blog. If I can inspire even one person to get out there and do something slightly out of their comfort zone, if I can help someone changing something in their life, or if I can simply make someone smile with something I say or do, then I’ll feel like I’ve achieved something and this would make me super happy.

As a kid I always loved writing. My sister is seven years older than me and I used to do her homework when it came to writing stories.
As I grew up my studies brought me into the world of mechanical engineering and I ended up writing mostly technical reports, kind of forgetting how it felt to simply write what I wanted to and the things I was thinking.

With this blog I would like to share my passion for sports, life, food, travelling, environment and many other things that enrich my life, hoping that I can inspire you to do the same – don’t worry, you don’t have to start a blog, but hopefully you’ll start thinking outside the box, do things you wouldn’t have done before, etc.

I’d like to mention that my mother tongue is Italian, so I apologise in advance if some of the things I write don’t make too much sense or if there are some mistakes. Please feel free to correct me whenever you spot something.

One thing I’ve learned when I was forced in my bed for almost two months back in 2014 after a BASE jumping incident was that too many people complain about things that they simply can’t control, things that can’t be changed.
So I’ll leave you with my life motto:

“Stop complaining about the things you can’t do and start enjoying the things you can do.”

Marco Regina